Time Alone Is Essential To Your Health and You’re Ignoring It

Time Alone

With the holiday season behind me, I am able to take my first relaxed breath. The last get together that my family and I had occurred yesterday and I couldn’t be more grateful. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t as though I don’t like being around friends and family. It is actually because somewhere in the last 3 weeks of dinners, socialization, and constant interaction, it comes as a welcomed break.

With the break came time to myself…much needed time to myself. For the first time in weeks, I went for a 45 minute drive with no one else in the car. You know what?

It felt great.

Not the driving part, it was as close to a blizzard as it comes.

Moreso, the being alone with my thoughts part.

Time alone

My wife is pretty amazing. She can see when I need some time alone. I don’t know if my facial expressions give it away or that she simply knows me extremely well but she can always tell. Yes, I am blessed to have her. 

When I take some time alone, it usually only lasts a few hours and what I end up doing is almost always the same:

  • Reading
  • Woodworking
  • Drawing
  • Exercising
  • Video games

Just about anything that doesn’t require me to think too much.

Funny thing is when I try to think about nothing, I end up thinking the most. These are the times where I find clarity through the cluttered thoughts within my head. 

You too, right?

Taking time alone is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your health.


Time alone allows you to refocus the world on your world. As I am sure is the case with you, I find that when I am with people all the time I am constantly processing information. This isn’t a bad thing unless it doesn’t allow you to process all the new information. 

If you’ve been to Vegas or any city like it for just an hour, you know what I am talking about. 

Finding a way to release your thoughts and process everything around you allows you to get a better grasp on reality…your reality.

Roam and learn

Do you ever take time for

  1. You to learn about yourself?
  2. Your mind to learn about itself?

When the mind is able to shut off from everything around it, it is able to learn a few things about itself.

Strange, I know.

Shutting off allows the mind to

  1. Notice the outside world
  2. See how the world interacts with itself
  3. Notice the way you think
  4. Notice how you think about things 
  5. See how others interact with one another
  6. And more.

You may not realize it but if you focus only on the world around you and not the world within you, you become mentally fatigued a lot faster than normal.

slow down photo
Photo by access.denied

Life slows down

The small things that you take for granted become much clearer and more important.

When was the last time you noticed:

  • The sound of a bird passing by
  • The joy of children playing in the local playground
  • Your favorite car driving by and the noise it make
  • The room you are in
  • The air that you breathe

Undoubtedly you will gain a new level of appreciation for all of these and more.

You’ll be happier with less

Whether you know it now or it is a lesson to be learned later, stuff/clutter/excess/surplus (your car, house, lawn, and collections) require energy to maintain…energy that can be used elsewhere.

I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy cutting the grass, cleaning the house, or maintaining anything about my car. How much different would your life be if that energy went towards the important things?

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Passions
  • Hobbies

Minimalism is just one of many tools that can lead you to a life of happiness.

Keeps you focused

Although society may say otherwise, you aren’t designed to take massive action without reflection. 

You are lucky to be one of the very few creatures on this planet capable of understanding themselves. Watch your dog or cat lick its balls and tell me I’m wrong.

Action leads to greatness but reflection leads to action Click To Tweet

How else will you decide what you like or don’t like, what did or didn’t work, and if you want to talk to that person again?

You’ll be more creative

Ever notice that your next great idea usually comes when no one is around and you don’t have anything to write it down on? This happens because creativity finds a way to rise when you’re alone.

It is nearly impossible to think with a clear mind when you are being inundated with the stress, sounds, smells, and voices of the life that are around you. How much better did you feel while on your last vacation as opposed to when you got back to your busy world? 

Your clear thoughts allow your unconscious, creative thoughts to come to the forefront. 

I’m not saying you need to take some time alone but if I don’t respond to your comments or emails right away, it’s because I’m alone with my time. 

Cheers to your success,


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