Success: Only After You Answer A Few Questions


A few days ago I started to write an article about making it so success could easily find you.

As I began to write, I discovered that the content couldn’t possibly be covered in just one sitting. It was literally impossible. So much information to digest in such a little amount of time. So instead of cramming it full of information, I decided to break it up into parts to make it easier ingest.

Part 1 can be found here, part 3, here and below you will find part 2.

Before you begin, understand that this article is the most difficult to read and accept. It asks some tough questions that if taken seriously, get you multiple steps closer to the result that you desire.

Take the time to read, answer and remember each section.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Part 1, I encourage you to click here and give it a read.

With that, I give you…. 

Part 2 – The Questions

I took my son to the Disney store a few days ago.

Yes, he is only just over a year old, and yes, he probably didn’t understand where we were.

So yes, you caught me. I took him there for me.

As he and I walked (well, he rode in his stroller as I pushed the Egyptian Prince around) through the store, I couldn’t help but look over at a boy who was waving a Lightsaber around, pretending to push objects out of his was with “The Force”.

Admittedly, I smiled when I saw it.

It reminded me of days gone by when I would do the same.

Back in the day my brother and I used to pretend to be superheroes and supervillains, which is probably where our fascination with comics and our website came from.

Even though being a bald guy, confined to a wheelchair isn’t that appealing, Professor Xavier is awesome. There was something about his ability to control the minds of others that made him special.

Follow me?

Enter the oxymoron

Understand that not everything is in your control.

If I had told you 10 years ago that the world would have witnessed the largest recession in history, a social media platform giant would have over 1 billion users, an earthquake would rock a country like never before, and the world would not end on December 21, 2012, would you have changed how your life would play out?

Probably not.

That’s just it. All of these are things that can’t control everything.

Yet, knowing that you can’t control everything, you will invariably try to control the things that you can’t control.


How about:

  • The way that your children dress or who they are friends with.
  • The fastest, least congested path to work, knowing that an accident, a train, or a light that isn’t working can eat up those few minutes that the “fastest” route may save.
  • The password that you put on your electronic devices that are supposed to keep others out, but don’t.

What you need to understand is that you must accept those things that you cannot control and focus on the things that you can control:

Who you talk to

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”

Jim Rohn

What does this mean?

  • If you don’t like what you are, change who you surround yourself with.
  • Don’t like what you make? Change who you take advice from.
  • If you don’t like where your life is headed, find someone who can change the trajectory.

What you do in your spare time

  • Are you living or merely existing?
  • Are you playing video games or applying the skills your learning to a business?
  • Is the book you’re reading a fiction or non-fiction book?
  • Are you spending time on social media, or jotting down what you aim to accomplish in life?
  • Are you ignoring others or helping them?

If you want success to find you, change how you spend your time.

The things that you are watching

  • Do you watch comedies or documentaries?
  • Is your favorite show about a fictitious life?
  • Do you sit there imagining your life as theirs?
  • Do you spend your time on watching YouTube videos or creating them?
  • Are you watching the latest greatest or inventing the latest greatest?

 The information you take in

  • When you read the news, are you reading the doom and gloom?
  • On the Internet, do you find yourself attracted to the fluff stories? You know, the “I did this and you’ll never believe what happened after…” kind?
  • What magazines are you reading?
  • Do you have a mentor that can help guide you?

Your downtime

  • How much time are you giving yourself to unwind?
  • What are you doing to relax?
  • How much are you sleeping?
  • Do you meditate?
  • Yoga?
  • How much family time do you take?

You’re thinking, “Joel, so many questions. What gives?” 

That’s the point.

The questions are designed to make you think; think about the past, the present, and the future. Know that all three are, in varying degrees are integral to your success.

Cheers to your success,



This article is one part of a 3 part series I did on success. I have translated it into a downloadable PDF for you to read. Inside the PDF there is more wholesome goodness and information on top of what is already here. Get it here:

Otherwise, find part one here and part three here.

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Dr. Lisa Thompson

Great post Joel…

It’s such a release when you give yourself permission that you don’t need to control everything

Dr. Lisa

Fatal Jay

Great points, from working at a school for three years, I quickly understand the concept of not being able to control everything.

It doesn’t mean your weak, you just have to realize you dont have power over everything and just go with the flow.

Meiah | My Crazy Hectic Life

This post is probably one of the most encouraging things I’ve seen on the internet this week. It gave me so much to think about. Can’t wait for the next post!


Great compilation, Joel, I especially like the parts about the downtimes and your surroundings which are generally sub-estimated in their value for success and happiness!


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Perfect, Thanks
Joel a Scott

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