Don’t Let Sticker Shock Stop You From Living Your Dreams

Sticker Shock

My fondest memory of Kindergarten happened when the teacher stood up to ask the class what they wanted to be when they grew up.

The class filled the air with the usual answers.

  • Policeman
  • Firefighter
  • Movie star
  • Singer

Not me though. Even though I was a little young to drive, I knew that I was destined to be an Indy Driver.

When asked why, my response was quick. “What’s not to like? High speeds and cool cars.” My logic was simple and my desire strong.

I never did become the Indy Driver I thought that I was destined to become. I did, however, become the person I was meant to be. Don’t kid yourself, getting there was a long, gruelling process.

Sticker shock

Success has a price tag and that tag may give you sticker shock. It’s high, unforgiving, ruthless, and it sometimes feels like slavery. All the work, endless hours, and countless missed events make you feel like screaming. On occasion they make you want to quit, give up, and live a normal life.

I’ll tell you something…it’s worth it…every single moment.

More than 3 articles

Recently I did a 3-part article about how to achieve success. It outlined how to do it, obstacles to overcome, questions to ask, and the experiences you will go through. I put it in PDF format for you to download below.

A few weeks have gone by since I wrote it and I found myself looking at it and wondering, “Is that it? Is the information in the article really enough to allow you to achieve your definition of success?”

Surprisingly, my answer was, “Not exactly.” Much to my embarrassment, I left out/did not emphasize one very important point. Success is hard fucking work.

It’s easy to dream about it, but much harder to execute it.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

How many times have you heard, “If it’s easy, everyone will do it.”? There’s a reason not everyone has become their version of success…


Success is finding your passion and turning it into a business so that when the day comes that you can’t stand to look at it anymore, you take another look because you’re in love with it. It is countless hours spent following your gut. Success is throwing in the towel, only to catch it before it hits the ground. Success is throwing in the towel, only to catch it before it hits the ground. Click To Tweet Success is living, breathing, and thinking about your passion every waking minute that you aren’t with your family.

Jerry Rice famously said, “Today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”

Sticker shock aside, that’s success.


By now you have read my PDF about success.

Remember the last time you heard a complaint about how much money athletes, actors, and musicians make There’s a reason they are paid handsomely for what they do. While their friends are out playing video games, and watching tv, they are chipping away at success. Contrary to what Alan Iverson said all those years ago, practice is important. Practice leads to repetition, repetition leads to greatness. 

“It’s easy to dream about it … Much harder to execute it ….Work!”

Gary Vaynerchuk


Have you put in the work to be successful?

The stats are not in your favour.

100% of people talk about being successful, 20% of those people act on it, 5% work at it for a length of time only to give up, and 2% follow through with it. 

Just 2%. 

That means 98% get sticker shock and quit before they begin.

2% of the world want success more than anything. 2% are willing to put the effort in and not give up. 

If you are in the 20% that acts on their dreams and quits, good. It means that you haven’t found a reason to elevate yourself into the 5 or 2%.

Ask yourself, “How can I change that?”

2 points

Over the years, I have learned 7 very valuable lessons about success, 2 of which stand out from the crowd.

  1. Most people wish they had discovered their purpose earlier. They wished that they found whatever it was that made them excited to wake up in the morning. Had they, it would’ve made those long days a lot easier.
  1. They wished that they had taken more risks. Yes, the ‘R’ word is scary. What’s scarier is dying without having taken any risk, leaving you with the other ‘R’ word…regret. 

I turn it to you. What will you do today that will get you out of what others have to do tomorrow?

“Effort is grossly underrated.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

Cheers to your success,


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