Have You Ever Been A Victim Of A Clogged Toilet?

Clogged Toilet

I think that the title of this article, “Have You Ever Been A Victim Of A Clogged Toilet?” might put you and I on a whole new level, but just in case it doesn’t, can we get personal for a second?

Have you ever gone to the bathroom to do your “deed?”

I think you know the deed I am referring to.

It goes by many names:

  • Answering the call of the wild
  • Dropping a bomb
  • Laying a brick
  • Offloading some freight
  • And the list goes on

Before you click back or the little ‘X’ in the top of your screen, hang with me for one more second. I have one more question for you.

Clogged toilet

Have you ever gone to the bathroom to do your “deed” only to find out that the person before you clogged the toilet without letting you know?

In typical circumstances,  you go in, see what has happened, and with this information, make an educated decision to sit down or not.  HOWEVER, there are some circumstances in which the person before you makes an effort to clear up the clog.  The effort is so good that the clog becomes undetectable, and sadly you find yourself in an unwanted predicament.

You and I both know that you are careful and there are only so many precautions you can take.

Is the floor clean? Check.

Is the toilet clean? Check.

Does it look flushable? Double check.

Sadly, in an instance like this, you learn of your fate when you go to flush, to which the most immediate response is panic.

At this moment, you will look for the plunger that isn’t around.  An, “Oh No” or some variation of this will follow, followed by two more bouts of panic.

Only after you have figured out your plan of action, will your biggest fear become a reality when you hear someone at the door trying to get in. This will lead you to think,  “Crap, (pun intended) what do I do?”

Further panic begins to settle in.  Sweat that was once dripping down your face is now pouring over it, and an unsettling feeling overcomes your stomach.

As I see it, you have two options:

  1. You can let the next person know of their fate, which will naturally lead them to believe that you clogged it.
  2. You can continue on your way and not let them know, leaving them to deal with a problem that they definitely did NOT want.

Out of the two, there is only one that makes sense.

Let them know.

Do not, and I repeat DO NOT, leave them to deal with a clogged toilet. It is not their problem; they did not create it, and it is not fair to leave it for them.


Before submitting my application to the Psychiatric Hospital, let me explain why I am ranting on about clogged toilets.

Recently, I found myself walking into a bathroom that had an undetectable clogged toilet.  As I stood there pondering my fate, I began to wonder how and why the person ahead of me left this mess behind.

As you can imagine, I quickly, figured out the how, but the why remained a mystery.

I stood there wondering what had entered that person’s mind as they realized they had clogged the toilet.


Self Doubt?



“Not my problem”

How many times have you heard that last one?

Your problem

If you have left a mess for someone else, it IS your problem.

Much like a clogged toilet, life is filled with problems that need to be addressed as they happen.

The world would be a better place if you and I took accountability for our actions.  If each of us solved our problems as they arise, rather than left them for the next person, think of how happy we would all be.

As you can imagine, problems left unresolved become bigger problems.

“Nobody and I mean nobody enjoys walking into a clogged toilet.”

Cheers to your success,


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Awesome article Joel. Hilarious metaphor. Thanks for your continued inspiration.
Be well,


Wow your articles are so real Joel and truthful! I agree issues left unsolved create what could be a build up of tenseness in the home.
When the air is thick people walk on egg shells and this does is not needed. I know I’ve been there!
Have a good day!


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Perfect, Thanks
Joel a Scott

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