Who Is Edmond Dantès And Why Do You Need To Know Him?

Edmond Dantès
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“Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when the storm comes.”

Alexander Dumas

I was the guy who, when life got tough, folded like a piece of paper. I couldn’t bend or break because there was nothing left of me to that. During this time I told myself:

“Life is too hard.”

“The economy sucks.”

“It’s not my fault.”

“I can’t control what happened.”

“Somebody has it in for me.”

Or any other excuse that I was able to think of.

Pathetic…simply pathetic. There’s actually an image of the old me in my free downloadable eBook.

Edmond Dantès

Have you ever watched or read the Alexander Dumas classic, “The Count of Monte Cristo”? I have…over and over again. It is one of my favorites. 

While on the island of Elba, Edmond Dantès (a sailor) is asked by Napoleon to deliver a letter. Before he can get the chance, 4 men conspire against him and he is taken into custody by the police. While in custody he is accused of high treason and murder, resulting in him being imprisoned in the Chateau d’If (a prison that no one has ever escaped from). Barely living while in confinement, Edmond Dantès befriends a Priest named Abbé. In their time together, Abbé teaches Edmond history, science, literature, and language.

The year’s pass and the two of them begin to dig a tunnel to freedom. While digging, the tunnel collapses and buries Abbé in the rubble. Barely alive, he tells Edmond the whereabouts of the buried treasure of Sparta. Edmond, now more clever than ever, hides the body of Abbé and uses the burial sack as a means to escape. 

Once free, Edmond Dantès uses his knowledge (and treasure) to reward those that have been kind to him and punish those responsible for his imprisonment. 


Why do I tell you this?

Edmond is the definition of being shattered on the rocks. While others saw his situation as terrible, he utilized what he had to become what he became. 

In your life, do you use what you have, to become what you want to become? Or, is what you want to become out of your reach because of uncontrollable circumstance?

And that’s your problem. You believe the unbelievable.

There is no such thing as an uncontrollable circumstance. Everything that you think has unjustly affected your life, hasn’t. The only thing that has unjustly affected your life is you…Y-O-U. You are directly responsible for the position you find yourself in right now. You are where you are because you want to be there. 

This applies to all situations.

  • Spouse left you – Something happened that you didn’t notice
  • Didn’t get that promotion – Somebody worked harder, smarter or faster than you
  • No education – You chose not to pursue it
  • Missed opportunities – You didn’t capitalize on them when the appeared.

You, you, you. 

Your past

All isn’t lost.

“Don’t let your past dictate your future. You can’t change where you’ve been, but you can make sure you end up where you want to be”

Joel Scott

Your past is exactly that…your past. There is nothing you can do to change it and there is no sense in dwelling on its happenings. Accept it and move on. But accept it under the premise that you will learn from it.

Like Edmond Dantès, let its thoughts, feelings, and pains fuel you to move you forward.


But how?

Glad you asked.

  1. Write down everything that you have held accountable for your life. It can be family, friends, employers, investments, the judicial system, the weather or whatever else you think has slighted you.
  2. Look into the mirror and ask for forgiveness.  Sounds stupid, I know but bare with me. Tell the mirror that you’re sorry and that you no longer hold it/them accountable. If it is a person, call them up and apologize. Tell them that they are not the reason you are where you are. Tell them that you are the reason that you are where you are.
  3. Create an action plan for how you plan to address any situation that comes up from now on.
  4. Write down your plan
  5. Post the plan in multiple places throughout your house. I would recommend one of the spots being the background of your phone.
  6. Read the plan out loud every day.
  7. Action the plan

Just remember…

“Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when the storm comes.”

Alexander Dumas


Cheers to your success,



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