102 Powerful Ways To Create A Life Worth Living

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102 Powerful Ways To Create A Life Worth Living

If you have never heard the Garth Brooks song, “If tomorrow never comes”, I suggest you give it a listen. The song is thought-provoking and will leave you wondering about the ramifications of tomorrow not coming.   

The song is a mere 259 words but the impression it leaves is immeasurable. The message is simple but the meaning deep. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and each time we go to sleep at night we may not wake. 

  • No sunrise to illuminate the world
  • No coffee to light our senses
  • Gone is the unforgettable moment of seeing our partners as they wake
  • Lost are the moments that we take for granted

Each time I listen to it, I internalize its message a little bit more.

At this point, my son is 19 months old. His birth signified great personal change and a shift in perspective. As I listened to this song, I wondered if I didn’t wake tomorrow, would he have learned enough from me in our short time together. Certainly, he would’ve learned about love, laughter and what it means to be alive but I struggle to say that at his young age, I would’ve had the opportunity to impart as much wisdom about life as I would’ve liked to. 

And in that, answers a burning question I have.

No, I haven’t equipped him with a foundation to create a life worth living.

I sought out a way to change this answer. For him and as a by-product, for you, I have created a list of 102 Ways To Create a Life Worth Living. This list has changed my life. While most seem obvious, I want you to think about the last time you thought about any one of these. 

For him, I hope that as our time together passes, I can expose him to my personal beliefs and in turn, he exposes them to others. If, as I said, I don’t wake before I get that chance, I hope he keeps this list close. 

  1. Live for now
  2. Think about tomorrow
  3. Party often
  4. Enjoy the storms
  5. Don’t worry about what others think about you
  6. Haters will hate…let them
  7. Create A Life Worth Living
  8. Put yourself out there
  9. Be vulnerable
  10. Take time for yourself
  11. Don’t rush things
  12. Remember the numbers, they never lie
  13. Trust your instincts
  14. Be yourself and not who others tell you to be
  15. Kill others with kindness
  16. Live for you children even when they don’t want you to
  17. Don’t give into to societal pressure
  18. Be unapologetically you
  19. Let the naysayers, naysay
  20. Invest in yourself
  21. Be honest
  22. Create A Life Worth Living
  23. Follow your passions but don’t let them blind you
  24. Remain humble
  25. Forget those who bring you down
  26. Recognize that not everybody has your best interests at heart Click To Tweet
  27. Align yourself with the people that you want to be
  28. Have fun
  29. Be patient
  30. Never stop learning
  31. Do it your way
  32. Have zero fear
  33. Ignore the ‘what-ifs’ of life
  34. Steal ideas to make them better
  35. Music is the universal language
  36. Listen to your heart
  37. Create A Life Worth Living
  38. Remain positive
  39. Optimism always trumps pessimism
  40. Help whenever you can help
  41. Work hard, play smart
  42. Take time to create a life worth living
  43. Don’t talk down to anyone
  44. Live through somebody else before you pretend to understand them
  45. Life starts when you want it to start
  46. Never stop learning Click To Tweet
  47. Remember that starting later in life could mean finishing later
  48. Compounding is the most powerful force in the world
  49. Manners never go out of style
  50. We are one race, one species
  51. Hate no one, respect everyone 
  52. You don’t have to go to University or College
  53. Create A Life Worth Living
  54. Practice is the only thing that separates masters from disasters
  55. Jump first, ask questions later
  56. Someone somewhere is having a worse day than you
  57. If someone wants to scream, let them. That may be what changes their day
  58. Forgive then forget
  59. Say ‘no’ to unimportant things
  60. Open doors
  61. Take care of your family
  62. Nobody will look out for you like you will
  63. Be honest with yourself every day
  64. Be laser focused on your goals
  65. No goal is too small or big
  66. Accept challenges for it is the challenges that will shape you
  67. Read and then read some more
  68. Don’t let your inner child die
  69. Create A Life Worth Living
  70. Remember where you came from
  71. Don’t stop when you think you’re at the top because you’re not
  72. Give to those less fortunate
  73. Adopt as many dogs as you can
  74. Spend time with your children because one day they won’t be children anymore
  75. You don’t have to have life figured out by the time you’re 20 Click To Tweet
  76. Be true to who you are
  77. Don’t let money motivate you
  78. Heartache is temporary and so is love with the wrong person
  79. Exercise for how it makes you feel and not how it makes you look
  80. Live life on the grandest of scales
  81. Never look back
  82. You are not better than the person beside you, only equal to them
  83. You are not worse than the person beside you, only equal to them
  84. Starting anything yesterday is best but today is better than tomorrow
  85. Be relentless in your pursuit of happiness
  86. Stop not when you’re tired but rather when you’re fulfilled
  87. Live to learnCreate A Life Worth Living
  88. You will never know everything no matter what you tell yourself
  89. Not everybody has it as good as you do
  90. Remember, crawl, walk, run
  91. Your opportunity lies in the moments in which others are panicking
  92. Anger is natural
  93. Let your mistakes fuel your successes
  94. See setbacks for what they are, points of learning
  95. Success is throwing in the towel and picking it up before it hits the ground
  96. Life is only hard if you allow it to be
  97. Another’s opinion of you is only that…an opinion
  98. Things that make sense to you may not make sense to others and that’s ok
  99. Write down your thoughts
  100. Call the most important people in your life at least once a week Click To Tweet
  101. Celebrate your successes
  102. Create A Life Worth Living

There it is…102 Ways To Create a Life Worth Living. Do what you want with it.  If that means to share it, then do so. If that means to print it and frame it, do that. Or, if that means to pass it along to your children, do that. Any one of them would be an honor. 

Cheers to your success,


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