Carrie Fisher, More Than Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher

I love listening to the sound of my voice (only when I say something intelligent) but sometimes I think I might be the only one.

Last week a friend from India wrote a guest post on this site. I like to do that. You know, have people from all over the world write on the site. It gives a different, new, and exciting dynamic each week.

His guest post touched on a lot of subjects, none more important than death.

Unless you are the luckiest person I know or have some sort of power that prevents you from having to deal with its pain, you have felt what it’s like to lose someone. In the article, he states that losing someone is like losing a part of yourself.

I tend to agree. It isn’t an easy thing to go through.

Carrie Fisher

You probably heard that Carrie Fisher passed away. I think by now you know that I am a massive Star Wars fan. I’m such a fan that I have a tattoo of my favorite characters residing on of my left thigh and I wrote an article about it on my other site.

I heard that Carrie had experienced a large heart attack on a flight 15 minutes before it was scheduled to land. Upon landing, she was rushed to the hospital and kept alive on a ventilator. Her survival would only last a few days and she would succumb to the inevitable.


Like my friend said in his article, when Carrie died, I felt as if a part of me died with her. It wasn’t as though I knew her or had ever met her for that matter. I acquainted myself with her by other means.

I, like most, had the pleasure of growing up with her.

If you ask any Star Wars fan what the best Star Wars movie is, they will, with certainty, tell you that honor belongs to “The Empire Strikes Back”. I, however, grew up with an appreciation for a different Star Wars movie.

“Return of the Jedi” was my movie.

Remember that costume Carrie wore in “Jedi”? That wasn’t the reason I enjoyed the movie.

No, I liked the movie because of a few things:

  1. Darth Vader returns to the Light Side of the Force
  2. The Emperor finally loses
  3. Boba Fett’s “death” left many wondering if he actually died
  4. Jabba The Hut proves that size does matter
  5. Luke tells Leia that they are siblings and that their father is Anakin Skywalker

It’s that fifth point that keeps me laughing.

The moment I heard it for the first time, I found myself thinking back to a scene in “Empire” where Leia gives Luke a kiss after which he smugly looks and Han Solo as if to say “Yeah, that’s right. We just did that”.

I wonder if when Luke learned that Leia was his sister, did he rethink the kiss? I know I would and then follow the thought with a Listerine bath in my mouth.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Carrie Fisher struggled and struggled mightily. Her meteoric rise from the unknown to worldwide fame took a toll on her that cost her much more than you might ever know.

She admitted to using cocaine while filming the Hoth (ice planet) scenes for “Empire” and struggled with addiction for most of her life. Watching the movie, there is no way that you would know this and this is the point.

I was raised to never “judge a book by its cover”.

One bad decision

I believe that you are just one bad decision away from an existence you don’t want. Look at Carrie Fisher, fame, fortune, and an uncontrollable addiction.

Think for a second. What if one moment in your life concluded differently than it did. Where would you be? What would you be doing? Would you be living the way you live right now? I know that I wouldn’t be. Every day I am thankful for the way that things magically seem to work out for me. You too?

Not everybody is as lucky as you.

Some live in shelters, some live in condemned housing, and some live on the streets.

Some are addicts, some suffer from PTSD and other mental disorders, and some…well, some lost it all in the housing crash and haven’t recovered.

Does that make them any different or any worse than you? Does that make them undeserving of some help? Until you have walked a mile in another’s shoes, it is impossible to know what they circumstance was that led them to be where they are.


I often discuss personal development on this site. It has turned around my life and given me a new outlook. In a movie I will never speak of again, Yoda tells Anakin that “Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” 

If he spoke about personal development, he would say “Personal development leads to achievement. Achievement leads to a life you deserve. A life you deserve leads you to help others do the same.”

Knowing this, I would check out a few articles on this site.

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From there, go over to this site and look at a few of the other recommended personal development blogs. I’d start with these:

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Bold & Determined

Finally, before you check out these other blogs, be sure to subscribe to this one. I’m working on something big and I don’t want you to miss out. 

Cheers to your success,


P.S. Take some time over the next few weeks and watch Carrie Fisher in action. I definitely will.

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Keren Haim

This is a such an inspiring post! Most of the time, people tend to judge others based on what is just on the surface.

Chondra Rankin

A great nod to a favorite American Icon… and even more poignant today as her mother died one day after. 2016 needs to stop with the taking of our amazing entertainers… Great post.

Dr. Lisa Thompson

Carrie Fisher will be missed. Loved her as Princess Leia and even more as she shared her struggles. It made her human

Dr. Lisa


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