On Occasion All You Have To Do Is Believe In Yourself


I met Sybil through a Blogging Group that we are both a part of. After reading an article she wrote about Golden Corral and the incredible way they treat members of the military, she became someone that I watched very intently. I became fascinated by two things:

  1. Her views on parenthood
  2. Her everlasting support of her children

Above and beyond the blog that she maintains about being a parent (which can be found here), she also wholeheartedly believes in the success of her Equestrinan Loving Daughter. So much so that her daughter runs a blog over here. This, of course, touched me. As a relatively new parent, I know all too well that a big part of your job is to support your children in whatever they wish to do.

Anyway, after talking with Sybil for a bit, we got on the topic of exchanging articles. Mine appeared on her site just a few days ago, and know I want to bring you hers.

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Believe in yourself


As a parent, I am always telling my kids to believe in themselves, no matter how hard the task may appear.  But, how often do we as adults believe in ourselves?  How much do you believe in yourself?  Why or why not?

If you’re like me, you believe in yourself most times.  Like about 90% percent of the time.  However, we have that small 10% of the time we don’t.  We are afraid.  Yeah, most people operate out of total fear.  We say we aren’t afraid, but we are.  And it’s ok to be scared, but we can’t be afraid and NEVER go for our dreams.

We don’t apply for jobs because of fear.  We may not start that business because of fear of failure or that someone won’t like our service or product.  We sometimes refuse to wear that FABULOUS outfit because we are afraid our friends won’t like it. But wait a minute.  We must BELIEVE we are the BOMB.COM in all these areas and in life! I like to have pep talks to build my confidence.

I like to have pep talks to build my confidence.  Yes, it may sound a little strange to you if it’s not something you already do, but let’s think about it.  If you watch any sporting event, the team performs better after the coach gives a little speech or gets into the players’ heads.   MOTIVATION! We all need a little motivation.

Find your motivation

Personally, I do a motivation ritual daily; self-motivate!  Each morning I look in the mirror and tell myself I can do anything I put my mind to.  I tell myself that I’m a beautiful person on the inside and out.  At the end of each night I do a quick recap of all the good in my day, and then I have a straight jam session.  Yes, my family thinks I’m a bit crazy, but it’s what helps me with my day, as well as gives me a boost of confidence.  You know, the whole BELIEVING IN SELF thing.  The two go hand and hand.

We can’t expect others to believe in us, in our product, in our service or our dreams if we don’t first believe.  So, take a moment and tell yourself that you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  Accepting that you are meant to do greatness is your first step of your journey.

Yes, you may have some bumps and bruises along the way.  Heck, you may have a total fail moment.  Failure isn’t bad, it’s a lesson.  We all rolled before we crawled.  We all crawled before we walked.  So, pick yourself up and go for your dreams.

If that dream is to go back to school, maybe it’s to ask that special someone out on a first date, maybe to start a business or maybe it’s to cook a new dish.  Hey, no matter how big or small, believe that YOU can achieve it and go for it!


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I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls and wife to a US Naval Officer.  My goal in life is to bring a little sunshine to others.  I blog over at Preschool2Teen promoting self-esteem, anti-bullying and education in our youth.  You can also find me at Amomsblog.com sharing the reality of life and letting you know that You Are Not Alone in this life called parenthood. 

If you want to learn more than the above about Sybil and connect with her, she can be found here: 







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