All That Keeps My Life On Track

The below are just a few of the things that I utilize on a daily basis that helps keep me organized, on track and functional.

Bluehost – The reasoning is simple:

  1. They are reliable.  Unlike many other data hosting sites, they own their own facilities and do not rent them.
  2. They use Quad Processor Opteron Based servers.  For us average people, this roughly translates to incredibly fast servers.
  3. They offer 24×7 support.  Not only that, but the wait time is insignificant.
  4. They back up your data…Free of charge


Hootsuite – Look, we all (or so I’d like to think) have Social Media Accounts.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ dominate how we think, communicate, and interact with each.  My problem and maybe it is just me, is that I don’t always have the time to actively contribute to any of these.  This is where Hootsuite comes in.  Preprogrammed, ready to go, scheduled entries.  I wouldn’t want it any other way. Oh, and did I mention a FREE 30 day trial?

Hootsuite: Social Relationship Platform

Grammarly – This was a game changer for me.  I consider myself to be quite good at spelling and grammar, but I could not catch all of the mistakes. Grammarly does this for me.  It underlines and brings attention to the mistakes so that I may address them.  It even makes suggestions on how to correct it.
Grammarly Logo

Strides – This is a swipe app that allows you to enter goals and swipe them when completed.  It can and will send you notifications if you are slacking at any particular time.  It is FREE to download, just click on the image.


My Fitness Pal – I am a gym/workout junkie.  This app makes the nutrition side of things EASY.  Without it I would probably be more lost than those guys on that show from a while back…what was it called?  LOST?

This app tracks what you eat, how many calories, protein, fat, sugar, etc… you have consumed.  There really is zero excuse why you can’t drop the weight/get into shape using this one. Again, just like My Fitness Pal it is FREE to download, just click on the image.

My Fitness Pal




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